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Welcome to In All Things Beautiful!

I am a photographer, stylist and maker. I love being creative and I have my dream job handcrafting and creating beautiful things. I hope to add a little beauty, inspiration and adventure to your world.


As a little girl I was always drawn to anything creative. My mother soon noticed this passion I had for making things. She would find tea towels with holes cut out in the shape of tiny clothes. Needless to say my response to my very annoyed mother was forthright “my dollies were cold so I made them clothes!”. I was only 2 1/2 years old. From that day she has always encouraged my creativity.

It would lead me one day to study fashion, couture and millinery in my hometown of Sydney.

After finishing my studies, Rosebud Designs opened for business when I was just 24. I originally made handcrafted greeting cards and wedding invitations and after a few years I began styling weddings and celebrations. Crafting bespoke details, tablescapes and floral arrangements, I love seeing everything come together after many months of planning and making. Sewing, crafting and DIY has always been a mainstay in my life. It is my happy place.


Food was at the heart of our family. My grandfather loved food, teaching me how to use chopsticks and to always source the very best produce. My Granny taught herself to cook. She was amazing and her culinary skills was an inspiration to the Yu clan.

Growing up in Australia in the 70’s I was one of ‘those’ kids who grew up on brown rice and rye bread. Day trips to the country were not uncommon with buying fruits and honey straight from the farmer. Growing up in the suburbs our home garden provided a bounty of fresh vegetables. We rarely had convenience or processed food.

Eating is about sharing. Sharing flavours, experience and adding layers to our lives with the ones we love. Food always tastes better when shared. Do you agree? Well, maybe not went it’s my brothers to-die-for organic spelt chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream, covered in gooey chocolate sauce and sprinkled with almond praline. Enough said.


My first ‘career’ was in hospitality. Working in hotels and some of Sydney’s top restaurants. I loved the preparation, performance and presentation. Attention to detail was paramount. Serving people has truly been an honour and a blessing in my life. Most people dining at a restaurant are celebrating something: time with family and friends, a milestone or just the joy of sharing good food and wine.

My brother is a chef and in 2009 my sister and I joined him to open Sydney’s first organic restaurant. Bringing together our skills was a winning formula! My sister is great with logistics and my brother cooks food that will keep diners coming back for more. I styled the restaurant, managed front of house, events and organised all the visual elements from marketing to photography. It was at times wonderful and also challenging working so closely with family. After 6 years as a restauranteur, my sister is pursuing her studies and I am following my heart with In All Things Beautiful.

Somedays, I step back and look at all the moments, the challenges, the triumphs, the happy days and the days where tears seem endless, the beauty and the ugliness, the hopes and the fears and I am grateful for having my Christian faith as my anchor. Memories and milestones have always been important to me, capturing them in a photograph gives them a life span which will certainly outlive mine. They are a record of my life, my people, my country, my work and my family. The camera is an instrument that brings synergy to my styling, composition, colour, texture, darkness and light. This is a good place to be.

I married my darling husband last year. We eloped. Yes, the wedding stylist eloped! Luckily my sister also married last year and had the big wedding reception hoopla. I felt a little less guilty for not doing the same. Our wedding day was the most intimate and beautiful day. We didn’t have to please anyone we just did it our way.


I truly think life is one big exploration. Whether you are travelling across the seas or you are visiting a friend closer to home. Picking berries in a field or tending to your home garden. Life is there to enjoy each moment and soak in the beauty and the blessings in our lives.

Coming from a family of ex-pats who have made Australia their home, I have been fortunate to have travelled overseas. Discovering new cultures and flavours, food always seems so pivotal when visiting a new place. Whether it be an hour from Sydney or a 20 hour plane trip, there is such beauty in the people, their way of life and appreciating our own.

Family holidays in Australia were usually road trips to the country, staying in caravans and going on boating trips. I am always torn between my love of the sea and the peace and serenity of country life. Being connected to the land and growing my own fruits and vegetables with a few chickens is a dream of mine.

My husband is an opera singer. I have joined him for singing tours around Australia and abroad. Three weeks in a coach travelling through the United Kingdom and I can say that we will probably never do that again! UK yes with husband but a full coach it is a resounding no from both of us!


I am a creature of habit and comfort. Home is where my heart is. Making our house a home is important to me. I love mixing vintage with new. The beautiful patinas of worn metals, wood with soft furnishings make my heart skip with delight. My love of texture is a product of my ongoing affair with beautiful textiles. Adding warmth, tone and texture adds character to a home.

I have a confession: I am a collector. My husband says I just have a LOT of stuff. I love to re-work old pieces. I imagine the life it had before. Once polished and new, loved then discarded. Great beauties to bring back to life with a lick of paint and a bit of love. A little DIY, re-purposing and crafting with the odd trip to Pottery Barn and the like you can work magic in your home.

Coming from a big extended family. Family is home. I had an instant family when I married. My husband has two children. Hoping to be a good role model, teaching them to respect themselves and others, and taking responsibility for their responsibilities around the house and at school. Overnight, I went from single with one fury baby, Oscar to navigating life with a tween and a teenager. I cook, clean and wash. The regular stuff. This keeps a home a home. I am blessed with a loving, supportive and encouraging husband and two lovely children.


My heart has led me back to creating beautiful things. I have long been a follower of etsy. Spending many hours swooning over the creativity of many talented artisans. How amazing that we can instantly download printables, commission a piece of bespoke jewellery or buy a one-of-a-kind cake stand made from reclaimed timber! All just a tap away and shipped straight to my door from all corners of the globe!

Whenever, I travel anywhere I am always on the look out for beautiful fabrics, vintage and new. On a Paris trip I found antique lace made by the store holders great grandmother. It was exquisite and over 100 years old! It has been given a new lease on life and will bring beauty to a wedding day as a ring pillow.

I am looking forward to this adventure with you. Sharing my projects, recipes, inspiration and experiences.

Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take, 

but by the moments that take our breath away.

In all things beautiful,

Lyn xx




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