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Archive of ‘Celebrate’ category

Miss M's Baby Shower LR10

{Little M’s Baby Shower}

It was a made-to-order Autumn day with the end of summer still teasing us with warm days and cooler nights preparing us for the colder months ahead. Our big maple tree was clinging to its green hues not succumbing to turning into the shades of the season. The perfect backdrop for a relaxed afternoon tea […] Read more…


Introducing {Miss Madeleine Rose}

I have been otherwise pre-occupied with baking our sweet baby girl for the past 40 weeks and 2 days to be precise. No one can prepare you for pregnancy, birth, the fourth trimester and becoming a mother for the first time. No two stories are the same, well there are similarities but each is unique […] Read more…

Easter Cupcakes LR2

{Easter Cupcakes}

BASIC VEGAN CUPCAKE RECIPE This is a deliciously moist vegan cupcake recipe. It is my go to cupcake and cake recipe. I like to experiment with different flavours adding seasonal fruits, coconut, choc chips or jam to the recipe. I have used diary in the icing – I really cannot go past a good buttercream […] Read more…

Christmas Styling

{Christmas Inspiration}

Once we hit Spring, time seems to fly by and I start thinking of making plans for Christmas. It is a time when lists are long and there are many – food lists, present lists and planning holidays to name a few. So I thought I would share with you this rather delicious Christmas in […] Read more…

High Tea LR15

{High Tea} Inspiration + Styling + Photography

Birthdays and milestones are important to me. On these days time stands still to celebrate an age, a victory or a well earned certificate or acknowledgement for a job well done.¬†They are momentous and they are worth marking in history. Life is filled with challenges, mountains to climb and flags to fly on our mountain […] Read more…

IATB DIY Inspiration Board LR2

DIY Fabric Covered Board

This is my spin on the fabric covered boards that usually have the ribbon in a criss cross pattern. I have made them in all shapes and sizes for weddings, christenings and parties. They make a great escort card or DIY photo booth board to peg your instant polaroid photos. I had so much fun […] Read more…

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