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Beauty has a unique power.

It resonates, connects and can bring stillness to the constant barrage of modern technology that permeates our lives. Beauty helps us to slow down, to really listen and engage.

Lyn McCreanor from In All Things Beautiful will touch the senses and bring a sense of beauty to your event, product, home and life.


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I have been immersed in creating beautiful handmade details for weddings and celebrations since 1997. Beginning with bespoke invitations and favours followed by event and floral styling I have learnt many tips and tricks along the way. For me the details are paramount in creating an atmosphere which is visual and sensory. At my workshops I will share my experience and love of the handmade and how to add something special to your wedding, celebration or home. My Creative Workshops will launch in Spring 2015 at the One Fine Day Fair in Sydney.


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A place to find beautiful handmade details for your wedding, party or celebration. From heirloom lace ring pillows, to blusher veils with silk organza flowers to lovely cake toppers.


My signature Organic Sweet Dukkah blend is made from certified organic ingredients.
I love to sprinkle it over a good vanilla ice cream. It is a quick, easy and an impressive dessert for a dinner party. Your guests will wonder what is in this delightful concoction! Available in my Etsy Shop, local markets and select retailers. Wholesale enquiries welcome.

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